Substance Use Prevention


Today's marijuana is stronger and more harmful than it used to be and it can have harmful effects on young, developing brains. With Maine's Marijuana Legalization Act, policy makers, parents, teachers, and other community partners have an opportunity to examine the role we all play in protecting our youth.

Healthy Lincoln County strives to build a safe community for all. Healthy Lincoln County supports this mission by engaging in initiatives to promote responsible marijuana use among adults and preventing use among youth and at-risk population through:


  • Informing parents, educators, coaches and all members of a youth’s social network about current trends in marijuana use and the dangers of smoking, vaping, and consuming marijuana.
  • Provide parents and other adults with information on how to safely store their marijuana and prevent their youth from using it.


  • Communicating regularly and providing support to Lincoln County towns as they navigate current marijuana legislation and make decisions regarding growing and retail establishments in their town.
  • Working with local law enforcement and school systems to review and strengthen current substance use policies related to marijuana


  • Promote use of the L-Tip, a cooperative intervention of HLC and Lincoln County Law Enforcement, allowing any community member to text or email a secured and anonymous tip to law enforcement to help stop underage drug use.

For more information about how Healthy Lincoln County addresses and prevents marijuana use, please contact us here.