March 17, 2023

Collecting Donations

A Little Spring Cleaning by Amy Bedard

Spring is (almost) in the air! A new season can bring new beginnings, and it’s always a great time to do some much-needed spring cleaning around your home. One thing that I like to do when I’m in spring cleaning mode is to purge my closet and take out anything that may not fit anymore, I’ve never worn and probably won’t ever wear, and anything that I just don’t like anymore. I’ll also go through old blankets that we didn’t use this winter and have been stuffed away in storage bins.

Then, what do I do with all of my clothes, blankets, and non-perishables? I would usually go to Goodwill and drop anything and everything off, but this poses a new problem for those who need these items. They would need to pay for items that were donated. With the cost of everything going up, Goodwill isn’t as affordable as it used to be, there isn’t one located in our county, and is not an option for a lot of people.

Since I started to work at Healthy Lincoln County Will, and Jess have started to take the reins of assisting those experiencing housing insecurity in the county. Every other week, or so, they take clothing items, essential supplies, and food to these individuals or families, and every single one of them is grateful for the help. Hearing their stories has made me more aware, and intentional, about where I’d like to bring my unwanted items – if I don’t want them, someone else will need them, right?

Healthy Lincoln County accepts donations for all ages from clothes to cleaning supplies, to even hygiene products. We want to try to provide as many essential items and supplies to as many people as we can to hopefully help get these families by until they can find more stable housing.
For me, I will be bringing my clothes, blankets, and any other good condition items to Healthy Lincoln County, where in the back of the building there is a storage bin available 24/7 to drop off donations.

Maybe spring cleaning is not on your list this spring, but if you still want to give what you can, we have an Amazon Wish List! These items are picked out for not only individuals experiencing homelessness but also items for our Summer Meals program, where we hand out meals all summer to kids in Lincoln County, and items for our Lincoln County Gleaners and SNAP-Ed programs. This way you can donate to any program that we offer, and know exactly what you’re donating!

As always, anything you can give is appreciated, even if it’s as simple as a referral our way, or a like or follow on our social media.

If you’d like to see our Amazon Wish List please visit:

For any questions about dropping off donations please email us at or call 207-563-1330.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer for any of our programs please also contact us at

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