Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used by teens in Maine.

Today's marijuana is stronger and more harmful than it used to be and it can have harmful effects on young, developing brains. With Maine's Marijuana Legalization Act, policy makers, parents, teachers, and other community partners have an opportunity to examine the role we all play in protecting our youth. According to the 2015 Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey:

  • 65% of Lincoln County high school students do not think people who use marijuana regularly risk harming themselves.
  • 50% of Lincoln County high school students think marijuana would be easy to get if they wanted some.
  • 18% of Lincoln County high school students report that they use marijuana regularly.

For Municipalities:
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Considerations for Towns on Marijuana Retail Establishments
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For Parents/Guardians:
Tips for Parents: Talking to Your Kids About Marijuana
It's Not What It Used to Be
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